Miniature Bamboo Paradise in Hanoi

The tree planting initiative in Hanoi is dedicated to enhancing the aesthetic appeal and environmental quality of the city.


The project of planting 7,500 bamboo trees and renovating pavements around Truc Bach Lake in Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, has been underway since December 2023. The bamboo trees have grown lushly after two months of planting, and they are expected to delight locals and visitors and help beautify the landscape of the West Lake area.

The Hanoi bamboo garden is planted along Truc Bach Lake, at the corner of Thanh Nien and Tran Vu streets. Photos: Huy Pham/The Hanoi Times
Thousands of bamboo trees are now growing on the sidewalk around Truc Bach Lake, creating a funky and unique landscape.

The “bamboo forest” is special in the capital city as the trees are grown in rural areas.
The newly planted bamboo trees are showing signs of healthy growth.
The trees are specially planted, tended, and anchored to remain upright.
The bamboo garden is a favorite stroll for foreign visitors to Hanoi.
They also love to take photos with the bamboo forest in the background.
… And even jog between rows of green bamboo trees.
As well as bamboo, there are also many stone benches where visitors can rest and admire the beautiful scenery.
The stunning scenery is captured from below.
It is hoped that the new attractive miniature ‘bamboo forests’ will be a major draw for visitors to the area.