Young farmer makes fortune with grapes

Starting up businesses has become a trend among youngsters. They are mostly known in the form of technology and innovation. But how about agricultural start-ups? Let’s visit a guy in Bac Giang province in the following report to know more.


 Despite being grown massively in Binh Yen hamlet, Binh Son commune, Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province, lychee, orange and pomelo are not for everyone, including local farmer Nguyen Van Tuan. Seeing low economic value of the fruits, he has switched to grape since March 2019.

Seeing black grape vines in Bac Giang university of forestry and being weighted down with beautiful juicy fruits, he had studied the variety carefully and decided to invest some 150,000 USD in his own grape farm. At first, he encountered a lot of difficulties due to his limited experiences.  However, as he was strictly adhering to instructions by the university and continually learning from other grape growers in other localities, his grape vines started yielding a plenty of fruits.

Not only does this variety yield a lot of fruits but it also tastes candied and looks beautiful. Therefore, the fruit is much sought after by consumers. Seeing his successful agricultural model, many local farmers have visited his farm to learn his know-hows.

The grape farm brings Tuan some 70,000 USD per harvest. With two to three harvests a year, the fruit is expected to greatly improve his livelihood. Seeing the great prospects from these grape vines, now Tuan is planning on expanding his farm and instructs locals on doing the same./.