Celebration of Whales Held in Central Japan

Cau Ngu (whale worship) festival is part of the cultural identity of Vietnam’s central coastal localities, which has been preserved and passed down through the generations.


Cau Ngu, also known as Nghinh Ong festival, is a significant cultural event celebrated by coastal communities in the central region of Vietnam. It stems from the tradition of worshipping Nam Hai (Whale Saint) and holds great spiritual importance for the local people.

The festival takes place annually following the Lunar New Year, marking the beginning of the fishing season. It serves as an expression of gratitude towards Nam Hai for protecting the fishermen, as well as a prayer for a prosperous fishing year, safe voyages, and national peace.

The festival spans 1-3 days and is observed both at sea and in temples, featuring various traditional rituals and art performances.

Cau Ngu festival holds deep cultural and spiritual significance within fishing villages, representing a key cultural tradition and a way to seek blessings from the sea god.