War veterans join hands for local economic development

Coming home after the wars with incurable wounds, many war veterans in central province Quang Binh have found their own ways to overcome the difficulties and make fortune.


Coming home after 30 years serving in the army, war veteran Nguyen Huu Trong and his wife decided to work on the land full of bombs and mines. The hardship could not pull him back. The 80-year-old man built a garden, planted fruit trees and vegetables and raised chickens and fish with the income of over 2,100 USD per year.

Pham Van Liec is a war veteran who suffers a serious injury of 81 percent. In 2017, Liec started breeding 6 cages of eel fish, raking in more than 4,300 USD per year since 2017.

Overcoming their physical difficulties, the war veterans are working hard to contribute to the local economic development./.