Vietnam’s engagement in peacekeeping operations receives UN’s high evaluation

Deputy Defence Minister Hoang Xuan Chien said the United Nations highly valued Vietnam's high sense of responsibility and the professionalism of Vietnamese officers in peacekeeping operations, and wished that Vietnam will continue to maintain and increase its forces in UN peacekeeping missions.


Speaking to a Vietnam News Agency correspondent in New York right after his meetings with UN officials on the sidelines of the opening of the General Assembly’s 76th session on September 21, Deputy Defence Minister Hoang Xuan Chien said that over the past more than seven years, Vietnam has deployed three units and more than 50 officers to UN peacekeeping operations at its headquarters and missions.

Chien said Vietnamese peacekeeping officers received good assessment for their performance, with more than 31 percent rated as excellent, especially women officers.

He said that in the time to come, Vietnam will continue to maintain its presence in peacekeeping missions, including the Level-2 Field Hospitals No.3, while preparing Level-2 Field Hospitals No.4 to replace the No.3 when its term ends.

Meanwhile, Vietnam is also making preparations in personnel, organisation and equipment for an engineering force for a suitable UN peacekeeping mission following the UN requests, he said, adding that Vietnam is ready to receive examination teams from the UN for pre-launch check./.