Vietnamese cultural quintessence space in Ho Chi Minh City

50km away from the hub of Ho Chi Minh City, the “Vietnam at a glance” tourism complex in Cu Chi has attracted many visitors. The place has contributed to preserving the country’s cultural characteristics as well as helping educate young generation about traditional history of the nation.



Coming to “Vietnam at a glance” visitors will be first impressed by the elegance of the southern traditional costumes such as “ao ba ba”, and “khan ran” (camouflage scarf). Many visitors have learned about history of the southern region, especially on the “iron land” of Cu Chi through these costumes.

Not only history of the Southern region, visitors can find cultural spaces of many regions within the country at “Vietnam at a glance”.

A highlight of the “Vietnam at a glance” is a technological science space which helps tourists discover the nature such as a water world park, a green ecosystem complex and a traditional handicraft trade village.

Nesting on a revolutionary land – Cu Chi, the complex is expected to become a tourism hotspot for visitors during the upcoming Tet holiday./.