Vietnam parlays success of lychee exports to Singapore

The export of fruit and vegetables, especially lychees, contributed significantly to the Vietnam - Singapore trade in the first half of 2021, with Vietnam’s shipments surging 37.6 percent. The success of its lychee exports to the fastidious market has been parlayed into other farm produce, to further boost exports.


Vietnamese lychees have gained a firm foothold in Singapore two years after first being sent to the choosy market. They are now found on the shelves of 230 FairPrice supermarkets – Singapore’s largest retail chain.
In just two years since first being sent to the country, lychees are now listed in the Top 5 Vietnamese agricultural exports to Singapore.

According to the Vietnamese trade office in Singapore, the success of lychee exports is down to excellent marketing and sound coordination between the Ministry of Industry and Trade and localities in Vietnam where the fruit is grown.

This is the first time Vietnamese lychees have been labelled with QR Codes so their origin can be traced.

Despite the formidable challenges, Vietnam holds huge potential to boost farm produce exports if it capitalises on its advantages in cooperation, including the market networks of its partners as well as bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements./.