Vietnam boosts IP rights to attract investment

According to experts, one of the key factors limiting the arrival of quality investment flows in has been its poor enforcement of intellectual property rights. Intellectual property legislation is a common requirement within the framework of many free trade agreements to which Vietnam is a signatory.


Investing in Vietnam since 2007, this company quickly became one of most successful investors in the country’s motorcycle manufacturing sector. It has, however, found many counterfeit models in the market.

According to foreign investors, violation of intellectual property rights  in Vietnam remain a sesrious issue and occur on a large scale.This makes many potential investors hesitate when considering Vietnam as an investment destination.

This is a limitation facing Vietnam when joining major trade agreements such as the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Vietnam. It has effected flows of quality investment with a technological advantage.

The Government of Vietnam has set a target by 2030 of increasing the effectiveness of the intellectual property laws and significantly reducing infringement of intellectual property rights. However, experts have said, it is necessary to raise awareness about intellectual property issues in the community  while strengthening the capacity and efficiency of State management agencies to promptly coordinate and solve infringement in order to attract quality foreign investment capital./ .