Tuyen Quang tightens protection of wildlife

The northern mountainous province of Tuyen Quang boasts more than 233,000 hectares of forests and a host of wildlife, 18 of which are in the Vietnam Red Book of endangered species and 15 in the World Red Book.



Tuyen Quang is now home to over 14,000 wild animals and 44 licensed facilities for wildlife protection. Wild boar, sika deer, and snakes are just some of the wildlife being kept and protected.

To improve awareness among organisations as well as local people about wildlife protection, rangers have occasionally patrolled and inspected special use forests and also educated local people on government policies for protecting and raising rare species, especially those in the Vietnam Red Book and the World Red Book.

Local authorities in Tuyen Quang have stopped illegal trade and released more than 38 rare animals back to the wild since 2019./.