Tour guides excited to get back into the field

With the COVID-19 pandemic now largely under control, Vietnam’s tourism scene is warming up and getting back into full gear for the upcoming national holidays at the end of April. Thanks to suitable adjustments to tours and new promotional programmes, many tourism agencies have prepared the staffing necessary to meet requirements during the busiest time of the year.



The schedule of these tour guides from now until April 30 and May 1 are fully booked. They are excited to get back to doing what they love and are sharpening their knowledge to meet the needs of guests.

Many tourism activities were suspended during 2020 and this put many travel agencies in dire straits. Tour guides were forced to turn to other jobs to earn a living.

With tourism now recovering thanks to COVID-19 being controlled and the rising travel demand, travel agencies have some concerns over whether tour guides lack up-to-date information and knowledge after the long break.

Travel agencies are now focusing on maintaining and improving the quality of tour guides in order to provide better quality tours. One of the ways to improve morale among staff introduced by this travel agency is to provide support policies.

Many summer tours as well as tours during the upcoming national holidays have been booked out. It is estimated that travel companies will cater to over 50,000 tourists during the Reunification Day (April 30) and May Day holiday./.