Thai style pagoda in Vietnam

Located in Long Binh ward, Thu Duc city of Ho Chi Minh City, Bửu Long pagoda shares common architecture with other pagodas of Thailand, making it special among pagodas in Vietnam.


About 20 km from Ho Chi Minh City centre and situated on a hill, Buu Long pagoda is easily recognised from its striking yellow tower.

After its establishment in 1942, Buu Long pagoda undergone several restoration and reconstruction efforts.

By 2007, it has become an outstanding architectural representative for the fusion between the Nguyen Dynasty and Southeast Asian culture, embodying several design elements from both sources.

Standing in the pagoda compound, one would feel perfect serenity as they listen to the gentle tingles of windchimes on top of the tower, the peaceful sounds of water flowing from the lake outside the main hall.

At Buu Long, visitors are impressed by its splendid architecture and can get lost in Buddhism by listening to monks’ dhamma talk.

Being situated on a hill and shadowed with green trees makes Buu Long pagoda a cool space for visitors.

Faraway from the bustling urban life, amidst breezy mountains and forests, the monumental temple is always in harmony with nature. Many choose Buu Long pagoda to meditate, leaving their hustling lives aside for a while./.