Tet comes early to border soldiers

The organization of early Tet celebration for officials and soldiers away from home on the occasion of Lunar New Year is an encouragement for them to feel secure in accomplishing their tasks.


Young soldier Nguyen Huu Phan has spent the second Tet holiday away from home. Phan and his comrades are busy wrapping square sticky rice cake, or chung cake, a typical dish for Tet.

About 15km from the Lang Ho border guard station, other comrades of Nguyen Huu Phan are on their way back to their station to celebrate the New Year with everyone. Tet with Border Guard soldiers is simply a song to give each other, Tet is the days and nights on duty of patrolling or the warmth of comradeship and trust of local people.

A new year is coming. But with soldiers of the Lang Ho border station, Tet is a time to put aside the personal sentiment with relatives and family to fulfill their noble obligation and responsibility to firmly protect national sovereignty./.