‘Street of foreigners’ adapts to new normal

Bui Vien Street, a nightlife tourist hotspot in Ho Chi Minh City, is an ideal place for Western visitors and young Saigonese to eat, drink and hang out. But it is still “hibernating” after the city went into lockdown. To make a living in the “new normal”, businesses depending on the street have had to change how they make a living.


Bui Vien and its surrounding streets in District 1 are known as a hotspot for nighttime and weekend entertainment. But there were many challenges from the pandemic, and local business owners have had to change their business models in order to keep their business alive.

Under the government’s Directive No 18, life has gradually returned to Bui Vien Street, and local people have changed their habits to catch up with the “new normal”.

Local authorities have offered timely support to help business owners adapt to the new circumstances while ensuring pandemic prevention and control.

Local people and business owners in the area are looking forward to opening their doors again along busy, sleepless Bui Vien Street – a great destination for visitors to Ho Chi Minh City./.