Start-up grows as trend among college students

Start-up has become a trend among youngsters with driving ambition. Some, though still in college, have started their business out of their actual studies.


These students from University of Science and Technology under University of Da Nang have cooperated with those from Da Nang University of Economics to commercialise an idea of aquaculture wastewater treatment. Their project has won first prize in a contest looking for business idea by German Business Association in Vietnam recently. 

It seems that students in Da Nang understand so well that key for success in business is networking. Let’s take an example of this aquaculture wastewater treatment. Here students at the Chemical Engineering Faculty have reached out to Electrical and Electronic Engineering Faculty to ask for help in building an automated system as recommended by the contest’s judging panel. They have also cooperated with students from different colleges as implementing the project. 

It could be seen that there are more and more students in Da Nang competing at national and international start-up contests. Their rankings in those competitions have been significantly improved recently. 

Start-up, especially innovation start-up, has grown as a trend among students in Da Nang thanks to great efforts from both universities, local authorities, and especially students. They make us have more faith in Vietnam’s start-up movement./.