Introducing Measures to Boost Theatre Revenues

As part of a week celebrating the 100th anniversary of Vietnamese theatre, the Vietnam Stage Artists Association in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism co-hosted a seminar on the current situation and possible solutions to help the local theatre scene thrive.


According to participants, despite its relatively young age of just a century, Vietnamese theatre has successfully assimilated the essence of global dramatic theatre. Its peak occurred during the 1970s and 1980s, with nightly performances illuminating stages.

Throughout its 100 years of coexistence with other traditional theatrical genres, spoken plays have been able to swiftly, sharply, and truthfully reflect the realities of daily life in the country.

While celebrating a century of Western theatre, the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly impacted this art form, and its survival remains uncertain.

The challenges faced by Vietnamese theatre and potential solutions to regain audiences were discussed at the seminar.

Plays serve as a powerful medium to combine artistic vision, address contemporary issues, and captivate audiences.

In 2022, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism plans to promote spoken plays, hopeful that after a century of performances, they will continue to thrive.