Safer houses help overcome floods along Thu Bon River

Located in the downstream area of major rivers, Duy Thanh commune in Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province resembles a lake every wet season. The commune has introduced a range of measures so that local residents can live together with nature and mitigate the damage caused by natural disasters, one of which is to assist people in building houses with an attic as a safe shelter.



Van Quat village is the lowest-lying area in Duy Thanh commune in Duy Xuyen district. During the flood season, the village is often surrounded by water and cut off from the outside world.

Duy Thanh commune is also where the Li Li and Ba Ren Rivers meet. It has more than 2,000 households in total. When flooding on the Thu Bon River reaches an alarming Level 3, more than two-thirds of households are submerged. In order to overcome the difficulties, most households, especially those in low-lying areas and areas near river banks, build houses with an attic.

According to forecasts, the downstream areas of major rivers in Quang Nam province in general and Duy Thanh commune in particular will remain flooded for a few more days. But thanks to having safe shelters, local people are able to mitigate the damage caused by natural disasters./.