Quarantine time shortened to 7 days for fully-vaccinated arrivals

According to a dispatch issued on August 4 by the Health Ministry, the quarantine period for people entering Vietnam who have been fully vaccinated will be reduced to 7 days.



After completing the 7-day quarantine in dedicated facilities, they will be monitored medically at their accommodation for further 7 days, except those who enter Vietnam for a working visit of less than 14 days.

Together with a certificate of full vaccination, they also have to show Covid-19 negative test result conducted by RT- PCR method within 72 hours before their exit.

For those who used to be infected with Covid-19, it is necessary for them to have a certificate showing that they have discovered from the disease.

The document added that the eligible people also have to be tested for Covid-19 on the first and 7th day from the entrance day.

Under the previous regulations, people entering Vietnam must spend 14 days at dedicated quarantine facilities and are monitored medically at accommodation for another 14 days./.