Profitable cold water fish farming model in mountainous areas

Nam Ty commune in Hoang Su Phi district, northern mountainous Ha Giang province, has been experimenting with cold water fish farming and the model has brought about high economic value.


Xin Van Vu’s household in Tan Minh village was one of the early pioneers. Starting in 2013 with just over a thousand fingerlings, six years later he has 5000 fish. He is now farming salmon as well.

Nam Ty commune is an under-developed area of Hoang Su Phi district due to its geography. It boasts suitable weather conditions, however, for both agriculture and fish farming, such as cool weather and abundant water resources. Many households have begun to farm fish varieties with high economic value, such as sturgeon and salmon.

Duc has also set an example by becoming involved in fish farming himself.

Local authorities in Nam Ty commune have been proactive over recent years in raising awareness among local people about the new economic model, which has been instrumental in cutting the ratio of poor local households from 11.67% in 2017 to 6.7% in 2019./.