People with disabilities creating for the community

Lê Huy Tích became a paraplegic after being in a traffic accident at the age of 29. Because of his need to get around everywhere by wheelchair, he came up with the idea of a wheelchair trailer for places a wheelchair simply can’t navigate. The useful initiative for people with disabilities received a prize at the 3rd Community Initiative Contest.



It was almost the end for the 29-year-old. But Tich then created the trailers for wheelchairs, allowing the disabled to move more easily and to more places.

The wheelchair trailer is easy to use and is powered by environmentally-friendly lithium batteries. It makes the wheelchair move more easily on any terrain, even in places with steep slopes or on uneven roads. It is also cheap compared to imported models, so is trusted by many people with disabilities.

The 42-year-old director also wants to support people with disabilities to get jobs and create the conditions for them to integrate fully into society. In 2015, he founded the Hoa Binh Company for People with Disabilities, creating jobs for local people, nine of whom are disabled, with salaries of 5-9 million VND per month.

In 2020, Tich’s wheelchair trailer overcame more than 400 other initiatives to win second prize in the Community Initiative Contest. The energetic Tich’s greatest desire is to bring his products to more people, and to create opportunities and ensure equality for people with disabilities to thrive in life./.