Online talk highlights preservation of traditional costumes

People from all walks of life took part in an online discussion last weekend highlighting Vietnamese culture and sharing measures to preserve the cultural values of ancient Vietnamese clothing in modern times.



Present at the event were singer Cao Ba Hung, winner of the “Sing my Song” 2016 TV show who always wears a traditional “ao dai” when performing, Nguyen Duc Loc, who has devoted his time and attention to reviving ancient outfits, and businessman Nguyen Xuan Sinh, who often wears a traditional “ao dai” while attending cultural exchanges and networking events.

Vietnam’s ancient costumes are not just limited to ao dai, as throughout its thousand-year history, each Vietnamese dynasty had its own unique outfits. Today, ancient clothing is worn on different occasions, helping to popularise Vietnam’s historical and cultural values among international friends.

The online meeting presented a great deal of knowledge about ancient costumes to young Vietnamese, helping preserve and raise awareness about the value of ancient clothing in modern life./.