Mu Cang Chai tourism hit hard by pandemic

With magnificent landscapes, ideal weather, and the cultural beauty of the Mong ethnic minority people, tourism in Mu Cang Chai district in northern mountainous Yen Bai province has become a spearhead economic sector over recent years. Like elsewhere around the country, however, it has been hit hard by COVID-19.


Mu Cang Chai district has 94 accommodation establishments and 71 restaurants. With tourism advantages including iconic terraced fields, ideal weather conditions, and the cultural beauty of the Mong ethnic minority group, the local tourism sector has seen remarkable development over recent years.

The recovery of tourism in Vietnam and Mu Cang Chai will largely depend on how COVID-19 is controlled. With stringent measures imposed for pandemic prevention and new tourism products introduced to attract visitors, Mu Cang Chai’s tourism sector is expected to regain its strength soon and help tourism establishments offset the losses from the pandemic./.