More Vietnamese movies being posted on YouTube

Movie buffs will be able enjoy some intriguing Vietnamese movies on the Vietnam Film Institute’s YouTube channel during social distancing, in an initiative that aims to promote local cinematic works to a wider audience.


Famous Vietnamese films being screened on the Vietnam Film Institute’s YouTube channel include Nha tien tri (The prophecy), Dung dot (Don’t burn) and Mua oi (The guava house).

The initiative aims to promote a host of Vietnamese films through different information channels and online platforms.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will soon provide instructions for people to access even more Vietnamese films, especially those ordered by the State. The number of films in the institute’s archives is significant, with a diverse range of content, and should not be hidden in storage.

With people forced to stay at home due to Covid-19, taking advantage of online platforms to bring films with historical, revolutionary, and human values to viewers is a practical step.

Experts, however, have noted that it is necessary to pay attention to copyright issues and other relevant legal matters./.