Media campaign launched to revitalise HCMC tourism

The “Hello Ho Chi Minh City” campaign has been launched to build upon the local tourism sector’s gradual recovery after the “blowback” from the COVID-19 pandemic. It also expresses its determination to realise the goal of becoming the leading tourism city in Asia, while promoting and honouring the values of Vietnamese cultural heritages.


This song was created specifically for the “Hello Ho Chi Minh City” campaign and passes on a message of a city that is young, lively, friendly, and safe. And many visitors already know this, especially now that the local tourism sector is getting back on track.

Along with the introduction of the song “Hello Ho Chi Minh City”, the local tourism sector has also released video clips with new and unique angles on the city. A travel guide in both Vietnamese and English will also be released, with tips for domestic and foreign visitors on great things to see and do.

Along with refining its image and promoting tourism, the city will also introduce a range of solutions to encourage tourists to visit. Travel agencies are therefore exerting every effort to set up a range of tour programs with appealing itineraries and attractive prices.

Few people and places are remembered with such enthusiasm and affection as those in Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City. It inherent generosity brings every street corner, every person, alive./.