Locals join hands to plant mangrove forests

The coastal commune of Tam Hai in Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province is vulnerable to high tides and erosion due to climate change. In order to adapt to the situation, locals have planted mangroves.



This 15-hectare mangrove forest was planted by locals in Binh Trung hamlet, Tam Hai commune three years ago. The locals have always strived for taking good care of the forest as it has greatly contributed to the balance of nature here, where nearly 10,000 people are living.

Years ago, the bubble development of shrimp farms in Binh Trung hamlet has swept out many local forests. Without them, the coastline has been seriously eroded, resulting in tens of households leaving the hamlet. The situation has been improved recently thanks to locals planting mangrove forests in abandoned shrimp farms.

After years of great efforts, total area of mangrove forests in Tam Hai commune covers 170 hectares. The forests not only help prevent coastal erosion but also create a habitat for different aquatic species, which are also a source of income for locals.

In a long term, mangrove forests play their role as a protective shield against impacts of climate change and provide locals with a sustainable livelihood./.