Life-changing opportunities come to foreign prisoners

Officials at Thu Duc jail in Ho Chi Minh City have turned it into a place of education and support for its nearly 200 foreign prisoners, helping them become a better version of themselves before returning home.



Along with policies on meals, clothing, and healthcare services, regulations like reducing prison time and amnesties have been introduced for foreign prisoners, as they have been for Vietnamese prisoners.

As part of efforts to educate prisoners, officers have focused on teaching them Vietnamese, through which they can also gain a better understanding of Vietnamese culture.

Policies allowing foreign prisoners to meet relatives and have consular contact are also in place.

Work is designed to suit the age and physical condition of each prisoner, helping them understand the value of labour while nurturing their confidence.

Like their peers in other jails, officers at Thu Duc have worked hard to help prisoners, including foreigners, recognise their wrongdoings and become better people. The management and education must be in line with the law and in the spirit of humanitarianism and respect, ensuring their human rights./.