Lai Chau orchids flaunt their beauty

Lai Chau province has organised an annual orchid exhibition with the theme “Lai Chau’s best kept beauty”. The exhibition attracts the attention of orchid lovers from far and wide, visiting the northern mountainous province to witness the exotic beauty of its flowers.



Many exotic orchid species, including Lan Hài (slipper orchirds) and Hac Vy (Dendrobium aphyllum), bring an enchanting beauty to Lai Chau and attract a host of visitors. Hoang Thao Ken or Bent-racemed Dendrobium orchids stand out the most, with an alluring fragrance and eye-catching beauty. The species is native to Lai Chau and one of the most sought-after due to its glorious colours and abundant flowers.

The exhibition features over a thousand orchids and involves the participation of orchid clubs both locally and from 30 other cities and provinces nationwide. It presents an opportunity for orchid lovers to unite and share their experience and knowledge about planting and preserving the exotic plants.

Over the years, Lai Chau has introduced many plants with high economic value to the market, such as macca and Lai Chau ginseng as well as medicinal plants, improving the livelihoods of local people in Sin Suoi Ho and Ta Leng villages./.