Ho Chi Minh City aims to be rubbish-free

More than 71 percent of wards and communes in Ho Chi Minh City have been recognised as “clean” areas - one of the outstanding results of the 200-day emulation movement held to celebrate its upcoming municipal Party Congress. The movement also had a positive spill-over effect, helping the city take steps towards becoming “a rubbish-free city”.


Located in the heart of the downtown area, Nguyen Thai Binh Market in District 1 used to be a pollution black spot. Today, though, it’s become much cleaner. After every market session, under the supervision of the market’s management board, traders voluntarily clean up any waste around their area.

The Nhieu Loc – Thi Nghe Canal used to also be a black spot for pollution, but it’s now improved significantly after local people started spending every Saturday morning cleaning up the area.

Ho Chi Minh City struggled in the past to deal with widespread littering on roads and canals but now, with the cooperation of local people, has seen 71 percent of wards, communes, and towns meet the criteria for cleanliness, which has helped it move closer to its goal of being completely free of rubbish./.