QR-code Scanning Cameras Installed at HCM City’s Covid Checkpoints

The HCM City Department of Public Security has installed 100 QR-code scanning cameras at COVID-19 checkpoints to minimise the risk of disease transmission.


Residents who have submitted medical declarations will need to display their QR codes, which will be scanned by cameras at the checkpoints. The information will then be transmitted to a computer network and verified by police officers.

Checkpoint officers will have the ability to determine if residents are authorized to travel.

The use of cameras is expected to streamline the checkpoint process, making it easier for individuals to move through and reducing the risk of COVID-19 infections in these areas, according to a representative from the department.

In order to ensure the availability of food and supplies, the People’s Committee of HCM City has agreed to extend free COVID-19 testing for delivery personnel until September 15.

Delivery personnel in districts classified as extremely high-risk (red zone) will be required to undergo rapid antigen testing on a daily basis, while those in the remaining districts will be tested twice a week.