Hanoi speeds up vaccination drive

The capital of Hanoi had opened more than 1,200 vaccination facilities as of September 6 to ensure all citizens aged 18 and above can receive their first COVID-19 vaccine shot before September 15.


On the evening of September 6, around 200 residents from Nhan Chinh ward were informed about their vaccination schedule. They underwent rapid antigen testing, and have strictly followed the Ministry of Health’s 5K message.

Thanh Xuan is now the largest COVID-19 hotspot in the capital. In a bid to ensure high vaccination coverage, the district has mobilised the private healthcare sector to engage in the drive and has set up vaccination and rapid testing facilities in the evenings and on weekends.

Around 1,200 vaccination facilities, including more than 800 fixed sites and mobile units, will be opened around the city. These are also places where samples will be taken for testing.

Hanoi has just received more than one million additional doses of vaccine. Local people can register until September 15 via the vaccination portal or with local authorities./.