Farmer earns fortune from aquaculture

When the topic of farmers is ever raised, most people would conjure up an image of country folk toiling away in the fields all day long to make ends meet.



Luu Van Dung, a farmer in Hung Yen province, has run his start-up on breeding commercial aquaculture products and fingerlings since 2000 and has experienced failure quite a number of times. But he never gave up. His efforts have now paid off, with his fingerling workshop covering dozens of hectares.

Dung collects some 50,000 USD a year from selling fingerlings to both domestic and foreign markets. Seeing economic potential from the business model, he has opened a cooperative with 24 members, all local people, to help them find buyers and increase incomes.

Automated water pumping systems with extra oxygenation and fish feeding machinery are among the technological advances Dung applies at his aquaculture farm. This “smart farm” has repaid him with a handsome profit.

Many smart agricultural models have appeared in rural areas over recent times. Models deployed by some farmers have not only helped them become wealthy but also changed the face of their hometowns./.