Expanding cultural space along Phung Hung Street

Nearly a year after finishing renovations to a single archway underneath the railway line running along Phung Hung Street, the Hanoi Old Quarter Management Board plans to upgrade five more, which are all in a single row. This is part of a project to improve and create cultural spaces around the capital.



The hundred-year-old arches along Phung Hung street have been getting a make-over. Closed on both sides, they are being renovated into a public arts space, and local people like the idea.

The line has 131 arches, of which 127 have been sealed on both sides due to safety concerns. Their renovation brings to life a project promoting cultural spaces, trade and services, and tourism in the area, under a policy from local authorities on preserving, enhancing, and promoting the Old Quarter.

Though in its infancy, architect Pham Thanh Tung expects the project will indeed give Hanoi’s ancient streets a new appearance while preserving their cultural features.

Also lined with murals, Phung Hung has become a hot “check in” spot for local people and tourists alike. The area, though, has not established any connections with other places around town and lacks the cultural products found in the Old Quarter. According to the Hanoi Old Quarter Management Board, the renovation of the arches will contribute to creating a public space and increasing connections with the older parts of the capital./.