Ethnic man makes film on COVID-19 fight

Ho Tu Pong Ngoi, a young man from the Pa Ko ethnic group in the mountainous district of Huong Hoa in Quang Tri province, has introduced a short film on the COVID-19 fight. The film has debuted on social media platforms to raise local people’s awareness about COVID-19 prevention and control.



It took Ho Tu Pong Ngoi two months to make his short film. Entitled “Đại chiến Corona virus” (The Coronavirus great war), the 6-minute silent film aims to send a message about the danger of the pandemic and raise people’s awareness about COVID-19 prevention and control.

Overcoming the difficulties and a shortage of equipment and technology, Ho Tu Pong Ngoi made the short film by himself, learning and applying 3D technology – a new concept among the Pa Ko people – to portray a “corona monster”.

The film has been introduced on social networks and to local people in the hamlet. Ngởi has received a warm response from people, especially children, which was great encouragement for his efforts.

The movie is not the first educational work Ngoi has carried out for his community. Many years ago, he and his friends established a dance crew called Akay Vel (village children in the Pa Ko language) to help local children access cultural and arts activities. He also opened a public library at his home, making it a place where village children can come to read, play, and learn for free.

In this far-flung and poor mountainous area of Quang Tri province, Ngoi’s videos have helped encourage local ethnics, especially children, to chase their dreams and believe in themselves, despite their disadvantaged living conditions. It’s also helped preserve the cultural identity of the Pa Ko people./.