Efforts to build a trademark for Quang Ninh shrimp

The northern province of Quang Ninh has outlaid enormous resources over recent years to develop its aquaculture sector, with advanced technologies now being applied.



Realising the market strength of white-legged shrimp, many local farmers have been applying Biosipec technology in three-phase white-leg shrimp aquaculture, to increase productivity and provide consumers with high quality, safe products.

As a tidal area with a lot of ponds, Quang Yen town has been focusing on solutions to develop fisheries in an effective and sustainable manner. It now has 6,500 ha, with the vast majority being shrimp. It produced 2,500 tonnes last year.

Quang Ninh has applied different practices in testing production models. Shrimp farming models following standards and schemes such as VietGAP, Biofloc, and three-phase aquaculture are spreading, with farms being developed in Quang Yen, Dam Ha, and Mong Cai that produce 8-10 tonnes per ha in each crop on average.

Over the next few months, Quang Ninh will focus on developing its fisheries sector, investing in and applying advanced technology to build a high-quality shrimp industry and develop the Quang Ninh shrimp brand./.