Dien Bien adopts plans to revive tourism

After becoming frozen due to the impact of COVID-19, Dien Bien province’s tourism sector is now showing signs of recovery. In the first three months of this year the province welcomed more than 167,000 visitors, which prompted the sector to introduce stimulus packages to attract more tourists post-pandemic.


After closing its doors to prevent the spread of Covid-19, visitor numbers to the Dien Bien Phu Victory Museum are now recovering, with it welcoming nearly 7,500 people since March 4.

Visitors will be charmed by the unique local cultural characteristics, particularly community tourism, which has been developed in recent years.

To revive tourism in the new context, Dien Bien province has proactively created tourism stimulation programmes, focusing on domestic tourists while preparing plans to soon welcome foreign visitors.

The province welcomed more than 167,000 visitors in the first three months of this year but only 163 were foreigners.  It is expected to welcome about 1 million visitors in total this year./.