Da Nang develops high-tech agriculture

The central coastal city of Da Nang has determined it will promote high-tech agriculture as one of five spheres of socio-economic development, and has issued a number of attractive mechanisms and policies to attract greater investment. Not only creating clean, high-quality products for the market, many high-tech agricultural models have also brought handsome returns to investors.


Every day, this unit provides hundreds of kilos of vegetables of all types to customers in Da Nang through supermarkets and safe vegetable shops.

Established in 2017 with initial investment of some 150,000 USD, it still can’t supply sufficient product volumes for the market. 

With preferential policies on matters such as site clearance and production facility investment, among others, Da Nang has developed nearly 20 agricultural models using high-technology in various fields since 2017, helping to generate stable returns for investors.

The development of high-tech agriculture in Da Nang has achieved initial results over recent years, but difficulties remain that hinder the sector’s growth and dampen interest among investors. To resolve any and all obstacles, the city will continue to introduce mechanisms and policies to attract more investors in the future. 

As one of five socio-economic development spearheads, under Resolution No 43, the development of high-tech agriculture is an exorable trend in Da Nang ensuring local food supply and improving the lives of people living in rural areas./.