Chrysanthemum season in full bloom in Khanh Hoa

Thanks to favorable weather, chrysanthemum fields in Khanh Hoa province are in full bloom, ready for the Lunar New Year festival. Locals are excited and looking forward to a bumper crop.


Ninh Giang ward in Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province is considered the home of chrysanthemums in Vietnam. The locality supplies flowers to cities and provinces nationwide. Each year, 300 households plant the flowers, with each family growing from 200 – 1,000 pots. Around 150,000 pots of chrysanthemums of all kinds will be ready for this year’s festival.

Ninh Giang is a famous flower-growing village in Khanh Hoa province. Thanks to the application of scientific and technical measures, along with experience, the gardeners are able grow flowers at different times of the year. This means the chrysanthemums are blooming just in time for Lunar New Year.

This year, not only Ninh Hoa town, other localities in Cam Lam district are also enjoying a bountiful season. The price of chrysanthemums has increased steadily and they’re ready to go on sale in other cities and provinces such as Binh Dinh, Ninh Thuan and Ho Chi Minh City. /.