Businesses working towards post-pandemic economic recovery

Vietnam’s economy is going through a particularly challenging time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given that, businesspeople who have been working hard to overcome the obstacles are bolstering their internal strength to fight the pandemic and come together in economic recovery.


Donating to the Covid-19 vaccine fund.

Sponsoring test kits, ventilators and medical equipment.

Taking part in voluntary activities to help ensure social security.

Maintaining jobs for workers.

In difficult times, Vietnamese businesspeople always fulfil their roles and responsibilities.

Figures show that Vietnam currently has over 800,000 operating enterprises, more than 25,000 cooperatives, and about 5.2 million non-agricultural business households with about 7-8 million entrepreneurs.

Along with frontline forces in the fight against Covid-19, there are also silent “heroes”. They are the entrepreneurs busy on both the frontline of economic development and the frontline of the pandemic fight.

Now, as the country is starting to reopen, Vietnamese businesspeople continue to share the responsibility for economic recovery, for the sake of a prosperous nation./.