Border guards intensify patrols amid COVID-19

With COVID-19 now having returned to Vietnam, in addition to strengthening patrols and control of the border, border guards in Binh Phuoc province have also intensified information dissemination efforts and worked with people in border areas to prevent both the spread of the pandemic and illegal cross-border migration.


The Loc An border station patrol team in the southern province of Binh Phuoc has intensified patrols and control over the border in Loc An commune, Loc Ninh district.

When the first wave of COVID-19 dissipated in Vietnam, people on both sides of the border began to neglect disease prevention efforts.

Loc An Border Guard Station controls 26 km of border line, and since the outbreak of COVID-19 has established six checkpoints and a mobile patrol team.

Provincial Border Guard Command has revealed that it is currently maintaining 62 permanent border posts and 11 mobile posts around the clock, on trails and paths along Vietnam’s 260-km-long border with Cambodia.

Given the complex developments from this second wave of COVID-19, border patrols are now more regular and thorough./.