Beautiful, poetic Cao Bang in ripe rice season

Cao Bang is blessed with a host of famous tourist attractions, such as the Pac Bo Special National Historic Site, Ban Gioc Waterfall, and Nguom Ngao Cave. The northern mountainous province is also known for its “golden” ripened rice fields, which have been described as being as beautiful as a work of art.


Ban Gioc Waterfall, a popular tourist destination in Cao Bang, is a mixture of majesty and fierceness with gentility and lyricality. When autumn arrives, usually in mid-September and October, the rice is ripe, blanketing the fields with a bright golden colour and making the landscape around the waterfall even more spectacular.

The Quay Son River, meanwhile, winds through ripe rice fields in Phong Nam, Ngoc Khe, and Ngoc Con in Trung Khanh district and is also a destination of interest. The beautiful scenery of the river valley, at dawn or dusk, leaves an impression on the hearts of all visitors. Many tourists have described this place as a fairyland.

In Nguyen Binh district, visitors will encounter terraced rice fields in Hoai Khao and Lung Muoi, “hanging” off the slopes of precarious mountainsides and resembling stairways. In the distance, stilt houses appear through the afternoon haze. Along with its poetic scenery, the uniqueness of the daily lives of people of different ethnic minority groups is sure to provide unforgettable experiences. Visitors can also take part in agricultural production with the Nung ethnic minority people in Phia Thap village in Phuc Sen commune, Quang Hoa district, immersing themselves in the farming life and the poetic beauty of ripened rice fields.

In Kim Cuc, Xuan Truong, and Hung Dao communes in Bao Lac district, the terraced rice fields look like a picture inlaid with gold, featuring mountain slopes surrounded by houses of the H’Mong and Lo Hmong people. The brilliant golden colour of the ripened rice promises a bountiful harvest.

Everywhere along roads in Cao Bang are beautiful golden rice fields, offering an experience worth remembering./.