Accommodation in Da Nang bounces back after COVID-19

Many accommodation providers in Da Nang have reopened after being forced to close by the COVID-19 pandemic and business has been good, proving that the local tourism industry is on the road to recovery.



There are 550 hotels in Da Nang that have reopened their doors and are actively participating in promotional programmes run by the city’s Tourism Department. Room tariffs at some have been discounted by 30 to 50%.

According to the city’s Department of Tourism, occupancy at local 3 to 5-star hotels now stands at 30% and 80-100% on weekends. Guests are primarily from Hanoi and HCM City.

In the wake of the “new normal” following COVID-19, efforts by accommodation providers in Da Nang to reopen and resume operations have been tremendous. Thanks to offering discounts and improved service quality, many providers have attracted large numbers of visitors and bolstered Da Nang’s profile among domestic tourists./.