Vietnamese Troupe Attends International Circus in Mongolia

At the invitation of the Mongolian Circus Association, the Phuong Nam Art Theater of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, consisting of 4 members led by Mr. Le Ich Dien (Director of the Theater), arrived in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, participated in the "Bravo" International Circus Festival, held from October 21 to October 30, 2022.


The International Circus Festival “Bravo” is an event to promote cooperation in culture and art between Mongolia and countries worldwide. It was held for the first time and is expected to be held annually in the upcoming years.

This event attracted the participation of 100 talented circus artists from 8 countries; Vietnam, Japan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ghana, Belarus, Russia, and the host country – Mongolia.

Vietnam attend the International Circus Festival “Bravo” in Mongolia
The image of a performance by Vietnamese artists is used as a representative image for the festival and printed on tickets sold to the audience. (Photo:

The Organizing Committee (Mongolian Circus Association) has selected more than 30 unique, diverse genres having signature styles of each country. The Vietnamese troupe attended two attractive performances named “Moment of Love” (double leather swing) and “Cycle of Passion” (patin).

This is also an opportunity for the Vietnamese troupe to learn about professional experience and skills in organizing an international circus festival. With an average annual temperature of -1 degrees Celsius, Ulaanbaatar is famous as the coldest capital in the world. These early winter days, the temperature sometimes drops to -10 degrees Celsius ~ -15 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the Vietnamese troupe faced many difficulties in practicing.

However, Vietnamese artists have tried to adapt, and actively practice to accomplish the set goals. In addition, the host country’s organizing committee also pays special attention, thoughtfully arranging transportation, accommodation conditions, as well as stage techniques to ensure maximum comfort and safety for the troupe.

Vietnam attend the International Circus Festival “Bravo” in Mongolia
Part of the performance scene on the opening night.

At the performance on an opening day (October 21), in the jubilant atmosphere with the cheers of more than 3,000 Mongolian audiences, and with the special favor of the host, two special performances of the Vietnamese troupe arranged in the opening part made a strong impression and won the hearts of the Mongolian audience with excited cheers.

Vietnam attend the International Circus Festival “Bravo” in Mongolia
Performance “Moment of Love” (double leather swing) by Vietnamese artists.

Moreover, the image of a Vietnamese artist’s performance rehearsal is taken by the organizers as the representative image of the festival, printed on the Pano displayed at the Performance Center, and printed on tickets sold to the audience.

On the opening night, at the invitation of the organizers and also the troupe, Ambassador Doan Khanh Tam and the family of officials of the Vietnamese Embassy in Mongolia and the Vietnamese community in Mongolia came to see the show. and warmly cheered for the Vietnamese troupe.

During the festival, on the days off, the Organizing Committee also organized for artists from all countries to visit some famous scenic spots of Mongolia.

On October 30, the “Bravo” International Circus Festival ended after taking place for ten days but left a deep impression on the Mongolian audience about Vietnamese circus art and talented artists. The impression of Mongolia with each member of the Vietnamese artists is the beautiful scenes and the friendliness of Mongolian people.

Phuong Nguyen
Thời Đại