Vietnamese President Explores Banh Mi in Japan

President Vo Van Thuong and Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko visited "Banh mi Xin chao", a Vietnamese sandwich restaurant founded by two former Vietnamese students.


President Vo Van Thuong on November 28 expressed gratitude to the Tokyo leaders for their active support in fostering cooperation between Japan’s capital city and Vietnamese localities, particularly Hanoi, reported by VNA.

During his official visit to Japan, President Thuong made these remarks while visiting “Banh mi Xin chao”, a Vietnamese sandwich restaurant founded by two former Vietnamese students, together with Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko.

Vietnam's President Tries Banh Mi in Japan
President Vo Van Thuong, his spouse, Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko and other officials at the “Banh mi Xin chao” restaurant in Tokyo on November 28. Photo: TG&VN

The “Banh mi Xin chao” restaurant chain was established in 2016 by brothers Bui Thanh Duy, 37, and Bui Thanh Tam, 32, from the central province of Quang Nam.

Despite facing initial challenges, they have managed to create new flavors based on the original “banh mi” from Hoi An city in Quang Nam. The chain now has 15 restaurants across Japan.

Through their “banh mi” offerings, they aim to promote Vietnamese cuisine, culture, as well as the enthusiasm and intelligence of young Vietnamese people to the locals. This contributes to the solidarity and development of the Vietnamese community in Japan and strengthens the cultural and economic ties between the two countries.

Bui Thanh Tam, the restaurant owner, shared, “The President, his spouse, and the delegation were served dishes similar to what we offer to our customers every day.”

Vietnam's President Tries Banh Mi in Japan
Bui Thanh Tam, the owner of the restaurant, shared, “Today’s dishes of the President, his spouse, and the delegation are no different from the dishes we serve to customers every day.

During their visit to the restaurant in Tokyo, President Thuong, his spouse, and Japanese officials had the opportunity to taste various Vietnamese dishes such as “banh mi”, Quang noodles, “pho”, coffee, fresh spring rolls, and sweetened porridge.

President Thuong expressed appreciation for the efforts of Tokyo leaders in promoting multifaceted relations between Tokyo and Vietnamese localities. He also highly valued their support for Vietnamese businesses and individuals working and residing in the city.

He emphasized the cultural and culinary similarities between Vietnam and Japan, which have contributed to the strong bond between the two countries and their people.

President Thuong expressed his pride in the increasing number of young Vietnamese individuals, like the founders of “Banh mi Xin chao”, who are making efforts to seize development opportunities in Japan. He considered their endeavors as a contribution to promoting Vietnamese culture and strengthening the ties between the two nations.

Vietnam's President Tries Banh Mi in Japan
President Vo Van Thuong (second from left) and his spouse in a joint photo with brothers Bui Thanh Duy and Bui Thanh Tam, the founders of “Banh mi Xin chao”. Photo: VNA

Governor Koike highlighted that Tokyo has implemented a high-tech anti-flooding system and is willing to cooperate with Vietnamese cities in this field.

President Thuong called upon Governor Koike to continue creating favorable conditions for Vietnamese people to work, live, and study in Tokyo. He also requested the Tokyo Governor to share the city’s experience in firefighting and anti-flooding measures with Hanoi and other Vietnamese localities.

Earlier, President Thuong met with representatives of the Vietnamese community in Japan and commended them for their special role in further developing relations between Vietnam and Japan.

He encouraged overseas Vietnamese in Japan to make greater contributions to their host country and to enhance bilateral relations. He emphasized that this foundation is crucial for preserving and promoting Vietnam-Japan relations.

Hannah Nguyen