Vietnam Peace Committee Makes Practical Contributions to World Peace

The Vietnam Peace Committee has conducted many activities to contribute to Vietnam's people-to-people diplomacy, to the promotion and protection of Vietnam's national image and interests as well as the protection of human rights around the globe.


Playing an active role in regional and international peace movements

During the term 2013-2020, the Vietnam Peace Committee closely observed the domestic and international progress and made great contributions to Vietnam’s people-to-people diplomacy in particular, to promoting and protecting the image and national interests of Vietnam in general, as well as to regional and international people’s movements.

According to a report of the Committee, it has conducted many activities in the implementation of Directive 28-CT/TW dated December 2, 2008, and Directive No. 38-CT/TW dated September 19, 2019 of The Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam on continuing to innovate, promote the role and improve the quality and effectiveness of activities of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations in the new context.

The Committee has also worked closely to the Action Program of the Friendship Union to carry out the Resolutions of the 5th and 6th National Congress of the Friendship Union and the Resolution of the National Congress of the Vietnam Peace Committee for the term 2013-2020.

Vietnam Peace Committee Makes Practical Contributions to World Peace
The Vietnam Peace Committee held talks with a delegation of the Lao Peace and Solidarity Committee in October 2022. (Photo: Thoi Dai)

The political activities of the Vietnam Peace Committee are diverse in the field of peace and security. The Committee continues to play an active role in regional and international peace movements and multilateral people’s forums. It contributes to maintaining and expanding partnerships with peace and progress organizations.

It also focuses on expanding bilateral exchange activities to share experiences and information, introduce Vietnam’s situation, and mobilize solidarity, support, and cooperation with Vietnam. The Committee has greatly contributed to the global and regional people’s movement for peace, democracy, social progress, and sustainable development.

In the work of multilateral people-to-people diplomacy, in the past term, Vietnam Peace Committee participated responsibly in the World Peace Council. At the Council Congress in 2016, Vietnam Peace Committee continued to be elected as the Vice Chairman of the Council. In 2017, Vietnam Peace Committee successfully hosted the Council Meeting of the Executive Committee, which is considered one of the most successful conferences ever of the Council.

In the movements against nuclear weapons, especially activities within the framework of the World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, the Committee has made deeper, more practical contributions, showing Vietnam’s participation and responsibility in the struggle for peace and security on the globe.

In recent years, Vietnam Peace Committee has proactively responded to the call of the Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs (GENSUIKYO) to collect signatures against nuclear weapons. The Committee has coordinated with the Peace Committee and the Friendship Union of localities and people’s organizations across Vietnam to collect more than 1.5 million signatures in 2015 and nearly 1 million signatures in 2019-2020 nationwide. This has contributed to the world peace movement in the fight against nuclear weapons, affirming trust and enlisting support from international friends.

Vietnam Peace Committee Makes Practical Contributions to World Peace
Vietnam Peace Committee had a meeting with the delegation from the Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs (Gensuikyo) in Hanoi in 2019. (Photo: Thoi Dai)

The Committee has also participated in multilateral people-to-people diplomacy activities such as the ASEAN People’s Forum, the Asia-Europe People’s Forum with diverse and effective contents and forms such as: co-chairing a number of seminars on peace and security, introducing Vietnam to regional and international friends, promoting issues that are in line with Vietnam’s interests namely the South China Sea, Agent Oraange, water security of the Mekong River, etc., struggling with forces that oppose Vietnam in the fields of democracy and human rights.

In bilateral relations, Vietnam Peace Committee continues to maintain cooperative relations with its traditional partners such as the Lao Committee for Peace and Solidarity, the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Armament Reduction, GENSUIKYO, North Korean Peace Committee, India Peace and Solidarity Organization…

Protecting Vietnam’s sovereignty over sea and islands

One of the notable contributions that the Vietnam Peace Committee has made is in protecting the national sovereignty over the sea and islands. The Committee has taken many forms of integrating Vietnam’s sovereignty over seas and islands when participating in international and regional activities as well as in its meetings and discussions with partners.

The Committee sent Announcements and Letters calling for support for Vietnam and received many responses and statements of support from partner organizations. Thanks to those activities, in most of the documents, statements, joint communiqués of relevant conferences and forums that the Committee participates in, namely the World Peace Council, people’s forums in Asia-Europe and ASEAN, the issue of the South China Sea is always mentioned in a way that is in line with Vietnamese interests. In particular, the World Peace Council always shares Vietnamese views in resolving disputes.

In the field of democracy and human rights, during the last term, within the framework of the Universal Periodic Review on Human Rights cycles II and III in 2014 and 2018 respectively, the Committee has participated in commenting and mobilizing a number of international friend organizations such as the World Peace Council, the Peace Council of Bangladesh and China to submit their reports on Vietnam’s human rights implementation to the United Nations Human Rights Commission. The World Peace Council sent a representative to the session to comment on Vietnam’s Periodic Review Report on Human Rights at the United Nations in 2015 and 2019. The Venezuelan Peace Council also participated in the joint discussion on the human rights situation in Vietnam in 2019.

Vietnam Peace Committee Makes Practical Contributions to World Peace
Viet Nam has recorded many impressive achievements in ensuring and promoting human rights in the fields of labor, society and gender equality. (Photo:

The domestic activities of the Vietnam Peace Committee have made breakthroughs and become more vibrant and diverse. The Committee has cooperated with member organizations of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations and other people’s organizations in organizing and participating in activities, especially in raising awareness of the people in general and the young generation in particular about international peace and solidarity.

The achievements that the Vietnam Peace Committee accomplished partly contributed to the success of the people-to-people diplomacy of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, the protection of national interests, as well as for the progress of the general movement of the peace-loving people in the world.

Tracy Dao