Author Ben Groundwater states that Vietnam has long been a favorite destination among Australians, with visitor numbers already reaching pre-pandemic levels.

Despite this growth, there is still room for more, especially with the recent increase in flight services. Budget carriers Vietjet and Bamboo Airways have joined Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar in offering direct flights from Australian ports to Vietnam, as reported by the newspaper.

The Australian travel publication also recommends that the country has been investing heavily in tourism. There are efforts to attract visitors to alternative destinations like Con Dao in the north and Phu Quoc in the south, as opposed to the popular choices of Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Ha Long Bay.

“No matter where you go, you can expect the food in Vietnam to be amazing, and the country offers excellent value for money,” wrote the foreign media outlet.

The list highlights 19 countries that are perfect for adventurous getaways, including Malawi, Samoa, the Republic of Korea, Georgia, Albania, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Egypt, Portugal, Germany, China, Zimbabwe, Norway, India, Morocco, Australia, Colombia, and Vietnam.