At present there are several direct flight routes from major Indian cities to Vietnam, with a flight from New Delhi to Hanoi taking Indian tourists roughly five hours.

Along with the convenient flight routes on offer, Indian tourists can enjoy a diverse range travel experiences when visiting Vietnam.

“Hosting a myriad of beaches, forests, paddy farms, and historical monuments, Vietnam has made its way into the bucket lists of many travelers in the past few years,” the travel magazine wrote.

The piece also recommended Vietnam due the array of cheap street food on offer for travelers.

“The food here is incredibly inexpensive, and we recommend trying banh xeo, banh mi, pho, and cha ca at one of the many food stalls lined up on every street,” according to Travel + Leisure.

Other global destinations to feature in the list include Singapore, Bhutan, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Oman, Thailand, Seychelles, and the Maldives.

Diwali is the Indian festival of light and is one of the South Asian country’s major festivals. This year will see the festival start from October 24 and last for five days.