Covering an area of around six hectares, Nhat Tu Son is considered as a shield protecting the fishing villages of My Hai and My Thanh from strong winds and waves.

The island impresses tourists with its pristine landscapes, welcoming people, fresh seafood and a unique undersea path that only reveals itself at low tide.

On low-tide days, visitors can walk along a 300-metre-long gravel road just beneath the surface of the sea. The pathway is completely submerged by seawater when tide flows high.

Visitors to the island should check their travel time in order to fully experience the undersea path. According to local fishermen, the sea water recedes in the afternoon in the first half of each lunar month, and the tide is low in the morning in the rest of lunar month.

The highest level of water is waist-deep, allowing travellers to wade along the path.

While it is seen from distance, Nhat Tu Son island stands out from blue sea as it is covered with green wild forest. Standing on the top of the island, visitors can watch shrimp farming areas and boats travelling around, creating a lively picture of daily life in the sea.