The waterfall is a highlight in the breath-taking landscape and culturally-rich atmosphere of the Cor minority in Binh An commune.

In order to see the waterfall, visitors have to traverse 3km of winding pass and steep slopes as the beauty lies in the vastly untouched mountainous area.

While enjoying the majestic waterfall, travellers also have a chance to immerse in the beautiful scenery here.

Do Thi Hong Lien hailing from Thanh Hoa province said she found the trip to the waterfall worthwhile when seeing the magnificent site although she was afraid when starting the journey.

Visitors can enjoy the powerful stream of water, pouring down from the height of 9 meters or take a dip in nearby pond to relish in the ancient beauty. This is also a popular sight-seeing place for many people.

“I have been to many places but what I like the most here is the unspoiled natural beauty. It gives me a sense of exploring the untouched landscape. I will certainly recommend this place to my friend,” said Nguyen Thanh Tuyen, from Nghe An province.

Huynh Kim Ngan, Head of the Culture and Information Department of Binh Son district, said local authorities are looking to promote tourism activities in the district.

“We are considering using 3D and self-illuminating paintings, covering the area of 500sq.m to attract more visitors. With improved tourism infrastructure and stilt houses from the Cor minority being the unique selling point, we will call for potential investors to finance the tourism development here,” Ngan said.

With this bold move, local authorities expect to liven up the Binh Son tourism to become a famous tourism destination in the future and improve the livelihoods of local residents.