Tien Sa lighthouse

Located on Son Tra peninsula in Da Nang, Tien Sa is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Vietnam and a favorite destination for nature lovers. 

To reach Tien Sa, one can ride a motorbike along Vo Nguyen Giap and Hoang Sa roads to Son Tra peninsula. Then go about 10 km up the mountain to the east of the peninsula to see the lighthouse.

Situated at a height of 233 meters above sea level on the eastern cape of Son Tra peninsula, Tien Sa was built by the French in 1902 as one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam.

The lighthouse sits on the mountainside under green trees where monkeys and red-rank doucs are often seen. The lighthouse has a monitoring room and a yellowish white painted light tower built in the early 20th century.

The yellowish-white painted light tower has typical French architecture. Photo: Thanh Hoa

The 10m-high light tower is 160m above the sea. Photo: Thanh Hoa

Inside the light tower. Photo: Thanh Hoa

Part of Son Tra peninsula and the immense sea seen from Tien Sa lighthouse. Photo: Thanh Hoa

The main light is protected in an iron frame with thick glass outside. Photo: Thanh Hoa

The lighthouse has an
auxiliary light. Photo: Thanh Hoa

A signboard of the lighthouse in French. Photo: Thanh Hoa

The engine controlling the rotation of the light is made in France. Photo: Thanh Hoa

Thanks to regular
maintenance, the bronze gears of the light still look good after a century. Photo: Thanh Hoa

The main light can shine within a radius of 23 nautical miles. Photo:Thanh Hoa

The only way to go up and down the light tower. Photo: Thanh Hoa

Nguyen Van Luong takes special care of the lights. Photo: Thanh Hoa

A small path running through a green garden connects the monitoring station and the light tower. Photo: Thanh Hoa

According to Nguyen Van Luong, deputy head of the lighthouse, the 100-year-old lighthouse is still operational thanks to regular maintenance. The main light can rotate 360o and shine within a radius of 23 nautical miles.

For over 100 years, Tien Sa has lighted the way for ships passing on the sea to Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang.

A popular destination in Da Nang, Tien Sa impresses visitors with its charming architecture and a gorgeous view of Son Tra’s immense forest and sea.

By Thanh Hoa