Vietnam Included in List of Top Cities For Working and Vacationing

Three of Vietnamese cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An have been voted among other locations in the world as best cities for workation activities by Holidu, a tourist website of UK.


Seeking a Change of Scenery for Your Work Environment?

If you have been working from home for the past 18 months, you may be longing for a change of scenery. No matter how comfortable your home office is or how beautifully landscaped your garden may be, sometimes a fresh environment is necessary to reinvigorate your productivity.

Experience the best of both worlds with a workation: the perfect blend of work and vacation. Embark on a thrilling journey to a new and exciting destination, where you can enjoy your professional responsibilities along with some well-deserved leisure time. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to travel and work simultaneously, creating unforgettable memories while remaining productive. Join the workation trend and embrace a refreshing way to balance work and relaxation.

Although it may not be a complete vacation where one can indulge in cocktails at 11am, this option provides an opportunity to unwind and enjoy a change of environment after work hours, while still attending to email and tasks.

A workation enables individuals to effectively balance their work and personal lives by providing opportunities to spend more quality time with distant relatives or fully immerse themselves in a destination, all while not depleting their entire annual leave allowance.

With the increase in remote working due to the coronavirus pandemic, the concept of working from home has become more accessible to a larger number of individuals.

Exploring the Benefits of a “Workation”

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

The professional world is filled with various unique and intriguing terms, largely due to the influence of thought leaders who enjoy using buzzwords in their Business Insider articles.

A workation, also referred to as a ‘workoliday’ or ‘woliday’, is the concept of working while on vacation. It entails combining work and vacation, resulting in a productive and enjoyable experience.

Experience the perfect combination of productivity and relaxation with our exclusive business and leisure package. Whether you’re basking in the sun or enjoying a day at the beach, our state-of-the-art facilities allow you to seamlessly connect and stay productive, wherever you are in the world. Embrace the freedom of flexible working hours while letting go of stress and unwinding in our tranquil surroundings. Stay on top of your professional goals while enjoying the ultimate leisure experience – all in one.

According to recent statistics, 47% of individuals will have the opportunity to work remotely on a full-time basis after the pandemic. This realization has shed light on the fact that certain individuals can be just as, if not more, productive working outside of the traditional office setting.

There is a plethora of communication and collaboration applications available, offering a wide range of options. Some popular examples include MS Teams, Slack, Basecamp, Asana, Zoom, and Whereby. With the advancements in technology, individuals can now work remotely from various locations.

In today’s digital age, the tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter have shifted their focus to the outcome rather than the physical location of work. They no longer prioritize where work is done, as long as it is completed effectively.

In recent times, there have been significant shifts in both mindset and workplace dynamics. The realization that the traditional 9-5 office routine might not suit everyone has gained recognition.

According to research, providing flexible work options has a positive impact on productivity, job satisfaction, loyalty, and overall happiness within the workforce.

Holidu Names Three Vietnamese Cities Among the Best for Workation

Number of Tourists Visiting Hanoi’s World Heritage Sites Increase

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the second largest city, renowned as one of the world’s top 10 destinations. It attracts numerous visitors due to its array of attractions and thriving business environment. Combining Asian traditions with Western influence, Hanoi offers a conducive work setting complete with essential amenities, all at an affordable cost.

Photo: lottehotelmagazine
Photo: lottehotelmagazine

Hanoi offers a plethora of coffee shops, coworking spaces, and accommodation options to cater to every individual’s needs. With a burgeoning tourism industry, visitors will find an abundance of choices to suit their preferences. While Hanoi may not rival the vibrant nightlife of Ho Chi Minh, it more than compensates with its rich historical and natural attractions. Visitors can unwind by visiting iconic landmarks such as the picturesque Hoàn Kiếm Lake or indulging in the Vietnam Military History Museum, among other notable destinations.

Vietnam currently has an average Internet speed of 9.5Mbps, making it one of the slower countries in Asia. It ranks just above the Philippines and India in terms of speed. Wi-Fi access is generally easy to find, with most coffee shops, hotels, and office buildings offering free connections. However, it’s important to note that complimentary Wi-Fi may not be available at all tourist attractions.

Photo:  One More Destination
Photo: One More Destination

Big cities often have a multitude of coworking spaces to cater to the needs of professionals. Moreover, these urban hubs are known for their vibrant coffee culture, resulting in a plethora of coffee shops, both local and international, that provide an inviting environment for work and relaxation.

Discovering the Ultimate Café Spot in Hanoi

Ca Phe Giang

Ca Phe Giang is renowned among remote workers for its delectable egg coffee and unwavering dedication to preserving its authentic charm amidst a plethora of generic chain coffee shops.

Photo: Bach Hoa Xanh
Photo: Bach Hoa Xanh

Cong Café is a vintage, army-themed café in Hanoi, Vietnam. With several convenient locations and operating hours extending until 11:30pm, this café has become a popular destination among locals and travelers alike.

Lifted Coffee and Brunch

Visit Lifted for a delightful way to begin your day on a positive note. Our brunch menu features a variety of dishes such as poached eggs, yogurt bowls, and avocado toasts, all prepared with a unique touch using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Trill Rooftop Café and Bistro

Experience the ultimate dining experience at Trill Bistro, where exceptional cuisine meets a captivating ambiance. Indulge in our delectable menu options while immersing yourself in the stunning modern and eclectic decor. Capture Insta-worthy moments with our Instagrammable setting and be mesmerized by the breathtaking rooftop views of the city. Join us at Trill Bistro for a memorable dining experience that will satisfy both your taste buds and aesthetic cravings.

Ca Phe Pho Co

Discover Ca Phe Pho Co

Ca Phe Pho Co is a hidden gem in the heart of the city, offering breathtaking views of Hoan Kiem Lake. Step into this tucked-away café and experience the beauty of the surrounding lush scenery while indulging in our signature egg coffee. Whether you are a local looking for a peaceful retreat or a traveler seeking an authentic Vietnamese experience, Ca Phe Pho Co is the perfect destination.

Maison de Tet Decor

If you’re searching for a satisfying and nutritious alternative to a simple cup of coffee and a pastry, Maison de Tet decor is the perfect destination. Our menu features hearty options such as fig, date, and walnut sourdough toast, refreshing salad wraps, and nourishing bowls packed with a variety of vegetables and protein. Indulge in our wholesome offerings to fuel your body and support your well-being.

Celebrate Tet in Ho Chi Minh City: A Tourist Destination

Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is currently experiencing a remarkable surge in technological advancement. The cityscape is resplendent with towering skyscrapers, while a burgeoning tech industry thrives at every turn, showcasing a multitude of promising start-ups.

There is currently a self-proclaimed Saigon Silicon City being developed in District 9, as part of Ho Chi Minh City’s eastern suburbs. As a result, it is not unexpected that numerous digital nomads are considering the city as their preferred location to establish a home base.

Yoko cafe, HCMC. Photo: Culture Trip
Yoko cafe, HCMC. Photo: Culture Trip

HCMC, beloved for its vibrant energy, entrepreneurial spirit, and aesthetically pleasing coffee shops serving rich French-style coffee, is a city that captures the hearts of many. However, it is not without its challenges, such as motorcycle traffic congestion, air pollution, and intense tropical heat. In times when the city feels overwhelming, nomads seek solace in the serene atmosphere of the Mekong Delta, where tranquil retreats like Phu Quoc Island offer pristine beaches, captivating diving experiences, and lush rainforest landscapes.

Dreamplex is widely regarded as the premier co-working space in Ho Chi Minh City. With multiple locations in District 1 and Binh Thanh District, Dreamplex offers fast internet access and a professional atmosphere that is perfect for focused work.

For those seeking a more social experience, Spiced CoWorking in District 2 is a fantastic option. Located in an area filled with rooms for rent, Spiced CoWorking regularly hosts networking lunches and social events. In addition, they provide co-living accommodations and even have a pool for added relaxation.

Photo:  Will Fly for Food
Photo: Will Fly for Food

Remote workers in Vietnam typically choose to base themselves in centrally located areas such as Districts 1 and 3. On the other hand, more established expats tend to prefer Districts 2 and 7. While rented apartments are commonly used as accommodation options for nomads, the central locations may come at a high price. As a result, many transient workers opt for cheaper rooms in shared houses, although this may mean working in coffee shops and co-working spaces for a quieter environment. However, Vietnam’s amazing street food may entice you to dine out frequently. In terms of transportation, Uber and Grab provide affordable alternatives to local taxis, or you can embrace the local experience and hail a motorcycle taxi.

Explore the vibrant district of Cholon, located 3 miles (5km) southwest of the city center, for an immersive experience in Chinatown. Indulge in a diverse array of delectable Chinese cuisines, witness bustling merchant activities, and marvel at the intricate pagodas that can be found in charming hidden courtyards.

Experience the rich beauty of the Mekong Delta on a Delta tour. Explore the lush green wetlands, adorned with rice paddies and abundant wildlife. Whether you choose to embark on organized tours or venture out independently by renting a motorcycle, bus, or boat, there are endless opportunities for discovery and adventure.

Plan a weekend getaway to the beautiful beaches of Phu Quoc with convenient and affordable transfers offered by VietJet Air and Jetstar. Explore the stunning beaches, indulge in beachside bars, and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the island’s national park.

“Hoi An to Be Added to List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites”

Hoi An features a relatively smaller digital nomad community compared to Saigon. However, it presents an appealing option for those seeking a more tranquil environment. The town boasts a stunning ancient center, picturesque rice paddies, serene rivers, breathtaking beaches, and a burgeoning co-working space. The availability of excellent Wi-Fi ensures connectivity, while finding long-term accommodation, such as houses, for stays spanning a month or more is relatively convenient.

The weather patterns in Hoi An vary significantly from the rest of Southeast Asia, including Saigon. Hoi An experiences a distinct rainy season which spans from September to January, along with notably cooler temperatures between November and January. Subsequently, temperatures gradually rise, culminating in the hottest months of June to August.

Photo:  Fodors Travel Guide
Photo: Fodors Travel Guide

The nearest airport to Hoi An is Da Nang, located approximately 45 minutes away by taxi. The taxi fare for this journey is around 300,000 VND or $13. Several international airlines operate flights to Da Nang, including HK Express from Hong Kong, Jetstar from Singapore, and Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur.

The majority of rental locations are conveniently located just a few kilometers away from the historic city center of Hoi An. Although public transportation is not available in Hoi An, guests can easily explore the area by either walking, taking a taxi, or opting for the more flexible options of renting a motorbike or bicycle. Numerous rental establishments can be found, and it is worth noting that they typically do not require a deposit or request to see your driving license.

While Hoi An may have less traffic compared to bustling cities like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, it may not be the ideal location for learning to drive. Additionally, the quality of motorbikes in the area is subpar, with unreliable speedometers, fuel gauges, and ignition systems.

The availability and quality of WiFi in most places is exceptional. To ensure uninterrupted internet access, it is advisable to purchase a local phone plan that includes data. This will allow you to stay connected even in situations where the WiFi network is disrupted. In case you find yourself in a secluded location, prepaid SIM cards can be used to create a personal hotspot. These SIM cards can be easily obtained and offer 3GB of data for approximately $US9 per month, with the option to recharge as needed. Additionally, it is recommended to carry a portable battery pack to alleviate any concerns during power outages. Keeping the battery pack charged at all times is essential, as you never know when it may come in handy.

Ensuring regular breaks during concentrated work is crucial. To promote a healthy routine, it is advisable to set alarms to remind oneself to stretch and refrain from screen time every hour. In Hoi An, the majority of chairs boast rigid wooden backrests. Therefore, for extended stays, it is recommended to carry a compact pillow for added lumbar support and comfort.

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