Discover the Unusual Names of 10 Spectacular Tourist Sites in Binh Thuan

From Straw Island to Chicken Lighthouse, these destinations' one-of-a-kind names amazed both domestic and international tourists.


Binh Thuan is a province located on the South Central coast, approximately 200km north of Ho Chi Minh City. With its lovely tropical weather throughout the year, this coastal province offers a great destination for visitors. Binh Thuan is renowned for its beautiful attractions, historical sites, and cultural landmarks.

1. Ga Lighthouse explored

The Ke Ga Lighthouse is situated in Thuan Quy commune, Ham Thuan Nam district of the province. This unique destination is located on a secluded island and is relatively undiscovered by tourists. Access to Ke Ga can be achieved by boats and canoes, although it is advised to only sail in favorable weather conditions. Boat operators may caution against traveling to the island during times of strong and hazardous waves.

Ga means chicken in Vietnamese and the lighthouse stands on an island shaped like a chicken, hence the quirky name. Visitors will be captivated by the distinctive architectural design of the region’s oldest and tallest lighthouse. Those wishing to reach the top of this impressive 65m structure should be prepared to conquer 200 spiral stairs.

Ten Amazing Binh Thuan Destinations With Weirdest Names
Ke Ga Lighthouse – the oldest and highest lighthouse in Southeast Asia. PhotoDulich.petrotimes

From the summit, you will be mesmerized by the enchanting and romantic beauty of the surrounding natural landscapes.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Bay Sand Dunes

The Bay Sand Dunes

The Bay Sand Dunes, also known as Flying Sand Dunes, is a breathtaking location that captures the essence of natural beauty. This paradise is composed of wind, sand, and sunlight, creating a surreal landscape that has become an inspiration for travel photographers. The dramatic dunes provide the perfect backdrop for models, making it a sought-after destination for stunning photo shoots.

The name is derived from the constant changes in appearance and shape of sand dunes. The powerful Binh Thuan wind creates mesmerizing curvy lines that glisten under the sun. This picturesque scenery has captivated numerous artists and served as inspiration for their artwork.

Ten Amazing Binh Thuan Destinations With Weirdest Names
Flying Sand Dune in Binh Thuan. Photo: Thuong Hieu and Cong Luan

The place is often referred to as Red Sand Dune due to the vibrant reddish-pink hues that adorn the landscape all year round, a result of the monsoon seasons. Visitors can marvel at the ever-changing colors of the sand, ranging from white to red, pink, and yellow, creating a paradise that sparks the imagination.

Experience thrilling sand dune activities such as sand boarding, dirt bike riding, buggy car adventures, and golfing.

Revealing the Natural Wonders of Co Thach Rock and Moss

Ten Amazing Binh Thuan Destinations With Weirdest Names
Co Thach Rock and Moss. Photo: Vnexpress

About 100 kilometers away from the town center lies Co Thach beach (Tuy Phong Districtt). This captivating coastal destination features a picturesque shoreline adorned with pebbles covered in seaweed, as well as unique rock formations.

Formed naturally by the influence of tides, sea currents, and brine, the large rocks scattered along the beach exhibit a variety of shapes and colors, accentuated by distinct veins. These impressive rocks evoke the image of a secluded, time-worn castle, earning the moniker “Co Thach” or Ancient Rock.

When the tide flows, the castle stands solitary by the sea.
But when the tide ebbs, smaller rocks enriched with moss emerge.
These moss-covered rocks surround the rocky castle, resembling ancient loyal guardians who have defended the castle for millennia.

The colorful rock reef at Co Thach is a stunning attraction that is sure to captivate any tourist. From various angles, visitors can marvel at the vibrant colors of the pebble field. Co Thach Rock and Moss, also referred to as the Seven-Colored Reef, is an enchanting natural wonder.

Exploring the Beauty of Cau Island

The small island of Cau is situated in Tuy Phong District, approximately 9 km from the coastline. Visitors have the opportunity to appreciate the pristine natural splendor found on Cau Island.

The island is characterized by a 1.5 kilometer-long steep range of rocks. When viewed from a distance, it resembles a group of nymphs lounging on a rolling mass of rocks, forming an ancient citadel and fortification against the powerful storms that can arise from the East Sea. The water surrounding the island is exceptionally clear and blue, while the coral reefs are pristine and home to a diverse array of marine life.

Ten Amazing Binh Thuan Destinations With Weirdest Names
The water here is crystal clear and blue at Cau island. Photo: Phan Thiet travel

Some people refer to the shape of the island as a fishing hook, which is why it is called Cau, meaning fishing in Vietnamese. The name Cau is also significant to local fishermen as it is a place where they make a living.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Hon Rom Coastal Island

Ten Amazing Binh Thuan Destinations With Weirdest Names
You can enjoy playing in the clear ocean in Hon Rom. Photo: Kenh Du Lich

Rom means straw, which describes the image of the island when viewed from a distance.
During the dry season, the grass fields on Hon Rom turn yellow, giving the mountain the appearance of a pile of dry straw, a common sight in the Vietnamese countryside.

Hon Rom’s main attraction is its 17 km beach, which boasts stunning white sand and coconut trees. The beach is a popular destination among tourists, offering opportunities for ocean activities, camping, and stargazing with loved ones.

There are numerous enjoyable activities to partake in while exploring the vibrant sand dunes and small mountain of Hon Rom. It is highly recommended to dedicate a full day to fully experience all that this destination has to offer. For a comprehensive Binh Thuan travel experience, you can visit this informative article.

Exploring the Wonders of Phu Quy Island and Thu Island

Ten Amazing Binh Thuan Destinations With Weirdest Names
Phu Quy Island from above view. Photo:

This special island was once considered a hidden gem due to its isolated location, located 120km away from the South Central coast.

Phu Quy Island, also known as “Rich and Precious,” boasts an abundance of natural resources. The coastline stretches with long, open bays interrupted only by dramatic volcanic bluffs at its northern and southern tips. These bluffs create stunning landscapes that captivate the eye. In between, the island’s central area is lush with greenery, agriculture, and forests.

The Phu Quy Flagpole, established in 2015, symbolizes national sovereignty as it faces the sea. Visitors can witness breathtaking sunrises and instantly uplift their spirits with the majestic view. This is just one of the captivating attractions Phu Quy has to offer. Other notable destinations include the Phu Quy Lighthouse, Mo Thay Temple, Ruined rock walls, and Linh Quang Pagoda, among others.

During the French colonial period, the island was named Poulo-Cécir-de-Mer, which translates to Island of the Sea. It is said that the island’s shape resembles that of a mackerel, hence it was previously known as Mackerel Island.

The name “Phu Quy” was derived from the reign of Emperor Thieu Tri, and refers to the Phu Quy archipelago located in Tuy Phong district, Ninh Thuan government, Binh Thuan province.

Exploring the Beauty of 7. Ong Dia Beach

Ong Dia Beach

Located in Ham Tien Ward

Ong Dia Beach is a stunning coastal area known for its mesmerizing blue sea that blends seamlessly with the sky’s colors.

Fishermen have passed down the legend of the Earth God who appeared to them, aiding in their livelihoods in this region. They named this place Ong Dia in honor of the deity. Tourists also find the name intriguing, as it evokes the image of a divine being descending and bestowing blessings upon the land, creating a vast and tranquil atmosphere.

Ten Amazing Binh Thuan Tourist Attractions With Weirdest Names
Ong Dia Beach has colorful reef with big and strange shaped rocks. Photo: VOV TV

You’ll discover a vibrant reef teeming with large, uniquely shaped rocks. Along the shoreline, rows of lush green casuarina trees provide a picturesque backdrop against the glistening white sand. The crystal clear blue sea water adds to the breathtaking scenery, reminiscent of a stunning masterpiece.

The stunning rocky beach is not only appealing to tourists from around the globe, but also serves as a picturesque setting for couples to capture their wedding photographs.

Revisiting the Splendor of Poshanu Cham Towers

The Ancient Cham people have made significant contributions to the diverse cultural heritage of Binh Thuan. Explore the exquisite Poshanu Cham Towers and be captivated by the unparalleled charm of this region.

The Poshanu Cham Towers are a collection of three ancient worship towers that were constructed during the late 8th and 9th centuries, as well as the 15th century. These towers were built with the purpose of honoring Hindu deities such as Lord Shiva, Agni, and Nandi. Eventually, a fourth tower was constructed in the 15th century to pay homage to Princess Po Sah Inu, daughter of the Para Chanh King. Princess Po Sah Inu was greatly admired by the Cham people for her exceptional talents and virtuous character. As a result, the tower complex was named after her as a way of commemorating her legacy.

Ten Amazing Binh Thuan Destinations With Weirdest Names
Historical landmarks of Cham culture. Photo: Tripzone

The main tower stands at a height of 15m and houses an altar adorned with multiple lingams of Lord Shiva. The other two towers measure 12m and 5m in height respectively.

During the Kate festival, the Poshanu Cham Towers come alive with an exhilarating atmosphere. The Cham people observe significant ritual customs and participate in festive activities to pay homage to their revered deities and heroes.

Revised Title: Hoang Tower Reaches 9 Stories High

Ten Amazing Binh Thuan Destinations With Weirdest Names
Ruined tower on top of the hill. Photo: Bao Binh Thuan

The Ong Hoang (The Lord) Tower is situated adjacent to the Poshanu Cham Tower and shares its name with a member of the royal family. This historical tower was initially a grand residence with thirteen rooms, originally owned by Duke De Montpensier, a French nobleman, in the year 1911.

This attraction is located on top of Bai Nai hill, approximately 7km from the center of Phan Thiet. It features four small hills, a ruined tower, and watchtowers, spanning an area of approximately 600 square meters.

At an elevation of 105m above sea level, tourists can explore the historic residences of wealthy lords and enjoy breathtaking views of the vast beaches.

For those seeking a romantic getaway, this destination holds particular allure. It was here that the esteemed poet Han Mac Tu embarked upon a memorable rendezvous with his muse, Mong Cam.

Exploring 10 Pagodas on Ta Cu Mountain

Last but not least, we have Ta Cu Mountain. Binh Thuan’s breathtaking scenery under clear blue skies is the main attraction that awaits you here. Additionally, you can also find the largest reclining Buddha statue in Southeast Asia atop Ta Cu Mountain.

The mountain stands at a modest 649m, making it conquerable through a journey of over 1,000 steps. Along this route, you will be greeted by blooming red flowers, invigorating fresh air, and a breathtaking scene of world-class beauty. For those seeking to explore multiple destinations in a single day, opting for the convenience of a round trip cable car ride will undoubtedly expedite the experience.

At the peak of the mountain, you will find the Main temple alongside two other temples, namely Linh Son Truong Tho and Long Doan pagoda. These architectural structures showcase the distinctive Buddhist art style of the Nguyen dynasty. King Tu Duc named them as a tribute to the Buddhist priest doctor who saved his mother on Ta Cu Mountain.

Ten Amazing Binh Thuan Destinations With Weirdest Names
The front of the Main temple has a statue of Buddhist priest doctor who lived here in the Nguyen dynasty. Photo: Bongtrip

Have you heard of these interesting names before? Which Binh Thuan attractions would you like to visit?

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